Pod Vape Starter Kits

Easy to use Pod Vape starter Kits, easy charging, easy filling and with replaceable pods. From Leading vape manufacturers.

Easy Vaping Kits

Pod systems are the easiest way way to start vaping. They come in 2 halfs, the pod and the battery, when the pod runs out it can be refilled and when the pod gets burnt out you can just replace the pod.
It’s a cheap and easy way to see if vaping is for you.

You will need E-Liquid


You will need E-liquid to refill your pods. We suggest that you pop down to your local Vape Shop, there you will be able to test flavours and find the one you like. Most good vape shops will allow you to test the flavours, each person has different tastes, just explain to them what you like and they will find something for you. Try with 10ml of e-liquid to start with as you may have liked the Double chocolate when tasted but would you like it after 3 days. Pick a Nicotine strength on the bais of how many cigarettes you used to smoke.. they will suggest a strength for you.  You will save money in the long run if buy from the local vape store and you will be supporting your local shop.


Support your local vape shop