Cigma Vape Dual Kit Large Battery Price: £32.35 (as of 26/06/2022 18:20 PST- Details)

KEEP IN CHECK: Electronic Cigarette – No Tobacco, No Nicotine, No Tar, No Carbon Monoxide, No Harmful Toxins, No Odours.
HIGH COMPATIBILITY: The advanced elegant design with fast charging, is perfect for every vaper. Activates when inhaling, it features a LED tip for a real-ash effect and for displaying the battery’s status.
HIGH CAPACITY :The pack contains 2 Clearomizers and 2 Batteries filled with Cigma e-Liquid. Gold & Silver Available. Only Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients used for the Cartomizers



  • CIGMA Extra VAPE the Larger – Longer Lasting- Eliquid Refillable – Rechargeable Cigarette
  • Dual Kit Includes – 2 Batteries -2 Clearomizers – USB Charger The larger version to the Cigma Vape Slim.
  • Double the Battery Power Cigma Slim Extra is the latest innovative step in the E cigarette market.
  • Cigma combines the latest technologies to bring a vapourizer that shows off the best of the vaping world.
  • More realistic cigarette battery and a nano clearomizer, the Cigma Extra vape gives you a vaping experience that can be enjoyed as much as a traditional cigarette.
  • The Cigma Slim Vape is designed in-house in Oxford and Berlin, and is the perfect balance between style and performance. Cigma Extra Vape was built for those looking for a discreet and stylish way to vape.

Which Liquid to use?

  • We recommend the Cigma 10ml e liquid bottle as the main choice of Liquid for this product.
  • The nozzle is made perfectly for pouring into the side of the clearomizer and only premium formulas and flavours were selected to gain the best experience. But you do have the choice to use your own favourite liquids. (Cigma Vape does not come with Liquid Bottle) Clearomizers available in Chrome and Gold Cigma Vape available in smaller battery.
  • Cartomizer capacity of 0.7ml
  • THE CIGMA SLIM Money back guarantee if unsatisfied. Discrete – Small – Compact – Stylish – Easy to Use.

Note: Our coils work the best with 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid. A higher VG e-liquid is thicker and harder to vaporise.
World’s First Slimmest Refillable & Rechargeable E-cigarette. Stylish, portable and lightweight, it’s easy to carry and fits in every pocket. Slim & elegant packaging box included. The Dual Pack contains 2 Clearomizers and 2 Batteries. Share the amazing vaping experience with someone else or keep one battery always charged & fill the clearomizers with two different flavors.
Elegant design. Available in Chrome or Gold, Cigma Vape is as small and easy to use as a real cigarette. Plus, the red LED light provides it a ‘real ash’ effect, making you feel like smoking an actual cigarette.
Bigger Battery & Clearomizer, to enjoy vaping longer. Easy Rechargeable with the USB charger included, for every USB port. Long-lasting and safe product, it comes with Over Smoking and Low Voltage protection, providing you a y and durable product.
This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance (The product does not contain nicotine e-liquid, but can be refilled with it). Note: Our coils work the best with 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid. A higher VG e-liquid is thicker and harder to vaporise.
Keep this product out of reach of children. Your satisfaction is the most important, so this product comes with a Money Back Guarantee. TPD Registered. New Warning Labels Applied.

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